Out of ten nominees, four will eventually be chosen to join Thomas Traversa, Leon Jamaer, Daniel Bruch and Marcilio Browne for the chase of the biggest storm of the year. Stay tuned to see who will make it into the final pool of riders.

Rider Portrait

Adam Lewis

K–516 UK

Adam sails Storms in the UK all the time. He's used to what he'll face in the Storm Chase and brings the skills and mindset to go out and charge when others hesitate.

Rider Portrait

Antoine Martin

F193 France

Antoine is known as one of the most fearless guys on the PWA tour. He explores with different double rotations in the air and goes huge when it comes to waveriding. He's not afraid of crashing hard, he'd go back out and try the same thing again until he lands it.

Rider Portrait

Camille Juban

GPE–8 France

Similar to the winner of the last Storm Chase - Thomas Traversa - Camille isn't scared to hits the biggest lips out there! He excels when it comes to heavy conditions on both tacks.

Rider Portrait

Jaeger Stone

KA 120 Australia

Jaeger is an allround talent. His wave riding is amongst the most styish on the planet, plus he brings exceptional jumping skills. He's finished on the podium in Pozo more than once - the windiest event on the PWA tour - making him a top choice for the Storm Chase.

Rider Portrait

Jules Denel

F41 France

Jules Denel is the ultimate Storm Chase character! His 'indestructable' appearance and 'let's go' attitude make him a top choice. He's used to cold weather and heavy waters and brings the skills to perfrom when the conditions are uncomfortable.

Rider Portrait

Philip Köster

G44 Germany / Canaries

When you see Philip Köster on the list, you want to have him in! He brings the best port tack jumping skills on this planet, going absolutely massive in all of his jumps. Coming from super windy Gran Canaria and winning 3 World Titles shows that he he doesn't only has what it takes in the air, but also on the waves. We hope he's back on the water in time after his injury-break!

Rider Portrait

Ricardo Campello

V–111 Venezuela

Ricardo Campello has the ability to switch off any kind of fear and just go for it. He's the first person to ever try a triple forward and he is insanely talented when it comes to jumping and control in high winds.

Rider Portrait

Robby Swift


Robby was one of the ultimate performers in the first Mission of the last Storm Chase. He qualified for the second mission with the most radical jump of the entire second Storm Chase, a perfect Pushloop-Forward in over 60 knots of wind. He couldn't compete in the second mission due to injury, so he's even more hungry now to ride the next Storm!

Rider Portrait

Victor Fernández López

E–42 Spain

As freshly crowned Wave World Champion Victor knows how to handle windy conditions. He's the record winner of the PWA Pozo event, which delivers 50+ knots year after year. He is one of the most completete windsurfers in the world, bringing equal skills on both, port and starboard tack, riding and jumping.

Rider Portrait

Kai Lenny

US1112 USA

Kai is the ultimate Waterman! He has incredible skills in big waves in any water sport and has shown in the recent Aloha Classic that he's right up there with the best in the world when it comes to wave sailing in big waves. He's not scared of any size or shape of wave and he'll charge no matter what.