Creatives and Cast
Name & Role Role
vartan-bassil Vartan BassilArtistic Director, Choreographer Artistic Director, Choreographer
christoph-hagel Christoph HagelArtistic Director, Pianist Artistic Director, Pianist
yui-kawaguchi Yui KawaguchiChoreographer (Contemporary Dance) Choreographer (Contemporary Dance)
ketan-and-vivan-bhatti Ketan and Vivan BhattiMusic Music
marco-moo Marco MooLive Visuals Live Visuals
pfadfinderei PfadfindereiVisuals Visuals
benny-kimoto Benny KimotoDancer Dancer
gengis-ademoski Gengis AdemoskiDancer Dancer
khaled-chaabi Khaled ChaabiDancer Dancer
michael-rosemann Michael RosemannDancer Dancer
niranh-chanthabouasy Niranh ChanthabouasyDancer Dancer
pierre-bleriot Pierre BleriotDancer Dancer
rymon-zacharei Rymon ZachareiDancer Dancer
timothee-andrimanantena Timothée AndrimanantenaDancer Dancer
uwe-donaubauer Uwe DonaubauerDancer Dancer
yamine-manaa Yamine ManaaDancer Dancer
anna-holmstroem Anna HolmströmDancer Dancer
virginia-tomarchio Virginia TomarchioDancer Dancer
  • Vartan Bassil

    Without the Lebanon-born Vartan Bassil, the history of b-boys in Germany would be a short one. The self-taught dancer founded the Flying Steps in 1993 alongside fellow b-boy Amigo.

    Bassil’s talent for exciting stage shows and choreography led to four world championships for the Flying Steps, including the Red Bull Beat Battle in 2005 and 2007. It’s thanks to his creativity that Red Bull Flying Bach came to fruition. He was inspired after a visit to a classical concert.

    Today Vartan is more than just the artistic director for both Red Bull Flying Bach and Red Bull Flying Illusion. He’s also the managing director for the entire Flying Steps Entertainment Corporation.

  • Christoph Hagel

    Hagel was raised in the German state of Baden-Württemberg and obtained his music education in Vienna, Munich, and Berlin - as well as New York where he studied with Leonard Bernstein and Sergiu Celibidache.

    Next to his commitments in and around Berlin, Hagel spent many years working throughout Latin America, where he has conducted orchestras in places like Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, and Peru.

    He became especially known for his modern adaptations of classic operas in unusual Berlin venues, such as productions of Don Giovanni in an old power plant or The Magic Flute in a subway station.

  • Yui Kawaguchi

    Yui Kawaguchi discovered her passion for dance at the young age of six. She studied professional dance, acting, and singing in Tokyo.

    Among her more important achievements are choreographing the opening ceremony of the 2001 East Asian Olympic Games as well as performances at the Ars Electronica in Linz and the Seoul International Dance Festival. Kawaguchi has been living and working in Berlin since 2005.

  • Ketan and Vivan Bhatti

    Although they were born on different continents, brothers Ketan (born in New Delhi) and Vivan (born in Germany) Bhatti share the same passion for music! After completing their studies, the brothers toured the world with diverse Jazz and Hip Hop acts and composed scores for countless film and theater productions.

    Ketan and Vivan not only composed the modern, electronic music in Red Bull Flying Bach, but are responsible for the sounds of Red Bull Flying Illusion as well!

  • Marco Moo

    There aren’t many people in the world who can tout such a versatile portfolio as VJ, Art Director, Producer, and Set Designer Marco Moo.

    The born Austrian began his carrier with producing and promoting videos for the windsurfing industry. These days he mostly creates live visuals for fashion shows (for companies such as Levi’s and Diesel, to name a few) or VJs for legendary DJ Sven Väth or even the MTV European Music Awards.

  • Pfadfinderei

    Berlin-based artists Pfadfinderei (German for ‘pathfinders’) have made a home on the world’s biggest stages. Not as featured performers, but as visual effects conductors for such acts as Boys Noize, Moderat, and Paul Kalkbrenner. Their job is to create an unforgettable visual experience for the audience – something they do for both Red Bull Flying Bach and Red Bull Flying Illusion.

  • Benny Kimoto aka „Benny“

    Benny Kimoto aka Benny is a Flying Steps member since 1998. He was the first B-Boy who ever presented multiple airtwists in a row and is regarded as one of the most influential figures in breakdance.

    His power moves and groundbreaking freezes shaped the dance scene so much that Playstation eternalized him in ‘B-Boy – The Game’. Benny also holds the Headspin World Record: He can rotate more than 60 times around his own center.

    Since today the B-Boy also works as a choreographer and created most of the dance scenes in the Flying Steps big urban dance production Red Bull Flying Illusion.

  • Gengis Ademoski aka „Lil’ Ceng“

    While other boys at the age of 16 contemplate their place in the world, Gengis Ademoski aka Lil Ceng became the youngest member of the Flying Steps and one of the best international dancers. The Macedonian-born b-boy grew up in the German city age of 10. His incredible talent and the unique power and dynamism of his moves made him famous.

    Recognized from early on as one of the best power move dancers in the world, Lil’ Ceng wins over crowds with his creative and dynamic style.

  • Khaled Chaabi aka „KC-1“

    Khaled Chaabi’s story is both typical for Berlin and a positive example of how breakdance functions in society.

    The son of a Syrian immigrant family, he discovered his talent for dance at a Berlin youth center under the guidance of Flying Steps member Mikel. Khaled (alias KC-1) quickly got a case a dance fever and it wasn’t long before he was taken into the Flying Steps training program.

    He’s been a full-fledged member since 2005 and was part of the Red Bull Beat Battle winning team in both 2005 and 2007.

  • Michael Rosemann aka „Mikel“

    The career of native Berliner Michael Rosemann (alias Mikel), which began in 1991 with a youth center dance workshop, demonstrates the importance of passing the torch in the world of breakdance.

    He’s won four world championships with the Flying Steps, including the Red Bull Beat Battle in 2005 and 2007, and remains dedicated to teaching the next generation of b-boys. On the Red Bull Flying Bach world tour, Mikel teaches local workshops during stops.

    When the two-time father isn’t on tour, he co-manages the Flying Steps Academy in Berlin.

  • Niranh Chanthabouasy aka „Lil Rock“

    Niranh Chanthabouasy aka Lil Rock has seen it all. In the 90s, he won several competitions with his crew Point Blank Breakers, also known as the Southside Rockers.

    He landed a record deal with Sony Music and worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer. This led him to the Flying Steps in 2005. His skills combine house dancing, hip hop, locking, popping and krumping.

    Last but not least he co-choreographed the show Red Bull Flying Illusion and took over the dance part of the dark leader.

  • Pierre Bleriot aka „Punisher“

    French b-boy Pierre Bleriot (alias Punisher) describes his unique style as “70s metal meets extreme b-boying.” His love for rock music is reflected in his sinister dance moves.

    The musical multi-talent began b-boying at the age of 12 and gained notoriety early on for his trademark power moves. Next to holding the Guinness World Record for the most “1990s” (continuous spins on one hand), he’s also competed in France’s Battle of the Year and the 2009 Red Bull BC One.

  • Rymon Zacharei aka „Rayboom“

    Rymon Zacharei aka Rayboom co-founder of the Crew Bad Newz MP in Dusseldorf, Germany has been part of Flying Steps and performing with Red Bull Flying Bach since 2014. He is a pioneer in combining Hip Hop moves with Popping, House, Locking, Martial Arts and contemporary dance. When not on tour he is a dance teacher in his hometown.

  • Timothée Andrimanantena aka „BBoy Tim“

    Born in Grenoble, France, Timothée was a young violinist, making him one of a few of BBoys that was accustom to classical music before he joined Red Bull Flying Bach. The 2011, 2012 Battle Of The Year World Champion’s dance style mixes powermoves with footwork and flips.

  • Uwe Donaubauer aka „BBoy Real“

    Born in Cape Town South Africa, B-Boy Real is a master of mixing the different styles of breakdance. He started dancing because after trying it for the first time, he knew it would determine his life, “breakdance is one way of expressing yourself and opens you new perspective to view of life.”

    Since 2014 the allround talent is part of the Flying Steps and fascinates the audience with his great moves.

  • Yamine Manaa aka „Spider“

    Yamine didn’t earn the nickname “Spider” without reason. His moves are quick enough for someone with more than two legs. The French b-boy from Grenoble discovered his passion for breakdance in 1998 at the young age of 12.

    He founded the Alliance Crew together with his older brother Hachemi “H” Manaa and went on to win the Battle Evolution III Europa competition in 2007 as well as many others internationally. Yamine later formed the successful Silent Trix Crew and would go on to gain more experience as a member of the Danish crew Next Zone.

    He joined the Red Bull Flying Bach crew in 2012.

  • Anna Holmström

    Even as a child Anna couldn't sit still, when she heard music. So her mother enabled Anna a training in gymnastics at the age of 7. Even though she appreciated the discipline and the hard training, what she loved the most was to express emotion through music and dance.

    When Anna was 14, she therefore moved from her hometown Lindsberg to Stockholm, in order to study her dance education at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and at the Diambra. But not only dancing is Anna's great passion.

    During 2003 – 2007 she represented Sweden as a member of the rhythmic gymnastics national team. So her athletic skills are a perfect match with the world class b-boys of Flying Steps.

  • Virginia Tomarchio

    Virginia Tomarchio was born in Catania in 1995. Dancing is in her blood: “Even in my sleep I would mumble that I wanted to be a ballerina.” The public came to know her through her participation in the 14th edition of the TV program “Amici di Maria De Filippi”, where she won the first prize in the Dance category.

    Virginia began studying at the corps de ballet of the Rome Opera House in 2015. That year she also participated in the special opening act of the world’s most prestigious One-on-One breakdance competition, the Red Bull BC One. The following year Virginia was the featured artist in the Italian Tour of Red Bull Fyling Bach.